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Dublin born Ken Fitzpatrick is one of the most dedicated, humble Martial Arts instructors you will ever find. He has been involved in Martial Arts for over 30 years and in particular, Kyokushin karate, which is renowned for its hard training and fighting methods. After training in the UK for over 16 years, Ken returned home with his family to Ireland in 2001 and moved to Mullingar where he opened his own Dojo.

Ken has always been a competitor, taking on any challenge that has crossed his path. He has competed successfully in national and world competitions and has won many titles including 1st place at European level and 3 times British champion in full-contact karate. In 1997 he also came 3rd place in a world tournament in Moscow, and in 1994 he also fought in one of the first K1 tournaments in Osaka, Japan. He is highly respected by Kyokushinkai practitioners, and also by other Martial Artists from other disciplines.

Ken’s passion is infectious and his unique way with people, coupled with a great teaching style, has allowed him to inspire and motivate many students and peers alike, not only in his own dojo, but in all the Martial Arts venues he has taught.



Mullingar Dojo 10th Anniversary Demo by Sensei Ken Fitzpatrick

86 British Open, Ken Fitzpatrick takes down opponent